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WriYe Prompt #01 - January Hint Fiction Challenge - Tell Me A Story...

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January 2nd, 2011

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09:27 pm - WriYe Prompt #01 - January Hint Fiction Challenge
A bit on Writing Year (Wriye):

It is a forum dedicated to the concept of writing for the entire year. Much like Nanowrimo it is an open-ended competition, but unlike Nanowrimo, you set your own goal and work at your own pace.
My Goal this year is 120,000 words, or 10K a month. I'll be posting all of my original fiction (not based on a fandom) on here.

There are various challenges over the course of the year, and the first one is the Hint fiction challenge. Done monthly, the mods over at WriYe will give a 25-word prompt and the participants will expand that into a 1000 - 5000+ word short story.

Or Even Longer
Together they throw the dirt, listen to its plunk against wood, a sound so unlike anything else in the world, one you could remember forever.

We'll see how this goes! Look for a follow-up within the week.
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